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Commercial Kitchen


Odour, grease and oil Reduction

The original air-treatment systems produced by Jimco A/S combine two important properties for any large-scale kitchen or manufacturing business.​




At the same time as eliminating any odour in the air, it also breaks down the grease and oil deposited in the ducts.

In practice this means that Jimco A/S offers an easy and effective way of treating air both inside and outside buildings. At the same time, the reduction in air pollution reduces the risk of fire by up to 95%.

Jimco A/S is continuously developing new products to meet the ever-changing requirements of the times. For example, increased focus on the importance of a good indoor climate has inspired Jimco A/S to develop a special air-sterilisation system which can be used anywhere – in kindergartens and schools, in museums, hospitals and nursing homes. In brief, in any place where clean air and the breakdown of bacteria are of material importance.​